Children are important to God.  In the Old Testament we read of the importance of children in ensuring the continuity of the people of God, of teaching God’s ways to children and impressing it upon them as a means of continuing a community of faith (Deuteronomy 11: 19).  We also read that children were very much a part of the contemporary congregation and were among those who were able to understand God’s law and committed themselves to following it.

In the New Testament we read of Jesus’ attitude to children; that he had time and space for them, and went out of his way especially to meet the needs of children.  When speaking to adults Jesus suggested that they should approach God with child-like faith.  He never advocated childishness but spoke strongly about the kingdom of God belonging to such as little children (Matthew 19: 14).  He warned of judgement for those who would lead children away from what is pure and holy.

In our church today we seek to embrace children with the same compassion that Jesus showed and to understand that Jesus gave the Holy Spirit ‘for you and for your children…’ (Acts 2:39).

Nurturing our Children in the Faith

We want to encourage you to enrol your child in our Sunday groups from the earliest age.  As they become familiar with the church family so they will grow up knowing of Jesus.  This will also enable both parents to worship regularly, to be encouraged in their own Christian faith so that they are resourced to bring up their children with Christ at the centre of the home.  Once a month your family can worship together at our Family Service and once a term there will be a Family Communion Service.

Crèche is available at all morning services.

Infant Baptism

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