What is it?

Infant baptism is the Christian rite of welcome into the family of the church.
It is a time when parents and the congregation recognise before God their responsibility to nurture children in the Christian faith.
It is an undertaking to give children every opportunity to come to personal faith in Jesus Christ and then subsequently to confirmation.

Who is it for?

Children of believing parents who are committed to regular worship and take an active part in the life of the church.
Our practice is not to baptise children from outside the parish unless the family are regular worshippers and on the active membership list (Electoral Roll of the Parish).

What’s involved for parents?

To introduce yourselves to the vicar at the morning service any Sunday; he will then make an arrangement to visit you in your home. Parents who are around during the day are encouraged to bring their children from the youngest age to Tots Praise on a Thursday afternoon. Here the vicar can get to know your child which helps them become familiar with the environment of the church building and some key people in the church family to which your child is being welcomed in baptism.

The service:

Baptism only takes place during a main Sunday service as required by church law (Canon Law).
This is usually the service on the first Sunday of the month when children and adults worship together.
The baptism will be conducted by the minister leading that particular service.
Parents should be joined by godparents who make declarations with parents during the service.

Please speak with the Vicar before completing the application form. Baptism Form