Look forwards, aiming high and  seeking first the Kingdom of God.

After 18 months of uncertainty the PCC agreed that we should have a clear plan for Sundays this coming term. As we focus our attention on our calling as God’s people in this place, the PCC are committed to ensuring that as many of the church family can gather in person at St James’ or via the internet.  Just as with Zoom, we hope to become more proficient with the technology and we would like to encourage everyone to persevere in worshipping together and find their place in serving one another.  In our life of worship, it may mean developing new skills or exercising gifts and skills that you already have.

The use of Face Masks will be left to your own discretion. However, seats will be allocated for those who need to protect themselves, or others they care for, who are vulnerable to infection or immunocompromised. Please respect these and make any social contact you wish, by mutual consent, outside the building. 

The church heating will be on but please come dressed warmly so that we can ventilate the building.

We have all missed sharing around the Lord’s Table so, from September, Holy Communion will resume. The Priest will dip the wafers into the wine for each person, who will come one at a time to receive the sacrament standing at the dais.  We will celebrate Holy Communion on the 2nd and 4th Sundays at 10am and Wednesdays at 10.30am.

The children and young people have been actively meeting all through this time – invisible to most of us as much of it has been families at home or in the Parish Centre.  They will join us at the end of Sunday Services after their own activities in the Parish Centre. On the first Sunday of the month we will be together for All-Together Services. Ben will contact families with details. The Crèche corner will be available again. 

From this Sunday and until Christmas we will be having one Sunday Morning Service at 10am for everyone.  As soon as we have the equipment and Operators, we will be broadcasting the Sunday services live on Zoom, so that those who have reason not to attend in person are not excluded.

Harvest celebration will be on 3rd October and, as in previous years, ‘Giving Sunday’.  Please bring non-perishable foods for local Food Banks. Gifts of money will be given to Mission.

Remembrance Service will be a shorter service in the Church followed by a walk to Pound Road Cemetery Lytchgate for the Bugle calls and laying of wreaths with others from the village.

All that has happened in the last few weeks in the world affirms the decision to follow a series that looks again at the Kingdom of God.  Our hope and confidence is in Jesus Christ alone, our Father is the promise-keeper, and his kingdom is already among us.