Pastoral Team

The pastoral team meets once a quarter to review care needed to meet the pastoral needs of the church family that have been brought to its attention. It consists of the following people:

Name (click for email) Role Telephone
Rosie Cunliffe Congregational Pastor (leader) 01480 394378
Revd Peter Cunliffe Vicar  01480 394378
Steve Moller Congregational Pastor 01480 464607
Liz Pinnock LLM 01487 841080
Clive Sprawson Congregational Pastor 01480 831148

Please feel free to contact any one of them by email, telephone or via the Parish Office.

The role of the Congregational Pastors is to pay attention to those who may be newcomers and also to notice when any of the church family is missing.

If you have a pastoral concern or would like to bring to the attention of the team your concern about another member of the church family, or are uncertain who to approach, please speak to your Small Group leader if you belong to one. If you know of a particular anniversary, event or occasion you feel needs special recognition then the team would be glad to hear so that they can send a card.

If anyone has financial need it may be possible to obtain modest help from the Langley Trust, of which the Vicar is Trustee.

The Pastoral Team will also visit you in hospital or arrange for you to have communion at home if this is requested.