Learning more about the God of heaven and earth, the God of the space and time, through the prayers of his faithful people and receiving the love and grace that is now ours in Christ Jesus.

Peter and Rosie Cunliffe speak about the prayer of Yonah, of his complaining to God for his relentless forgiveness towards those who repent of evil.  Reading from Jonah 3:1-4:5 

The word for ‘unfailing love’ or ‘loving kindness’ (4:2) is the Hebrew ‘hesed’. This is Yonah’s problem, it expresses God’s behaviour in covenant relationship, it is the quality of his character that only God can show, unconditional love – a permanence of divine kindness that is not limited by failed reciprocation, but gracefully responds to repentance with overwhelming forgiveness and restoration to beauty and holiness – no matter who comes to him in repentance.