Learning more about the God of heaven and earth, the God of the space and time, through the prayers of his faithful people and receiving the love and grace that is now ours in Christ Jesus.

Peter and Rosie Cunliffe speak about the prayer of Jabez in 1 Chronicles 4:9-10. ‘Pray this prayer and you’ll be blessed’ is a popular message more reflective of our contemporary culture than it is of Jabez’s prayer.  Jabez asked God to expand his ‘territory’, his sphere of influence, but notice that more significantly he asked that God would be present with him.

We should also observe that mention of Jabez’s prayer in this genealogical record flags up that God’s grace is available to all who turn to him in prayer. In the midst of these records is the continuance of the promises and purposes of God.  Jabez stands out as an ‘ordinary’ man in the lineage of Christ, aligned with God’s purpose.