Mark 1: 4-13  On this first Sunday of Epiphany, the gospel writer propels us into the story of Jesus not unlike the way in which we read of the Holy Spirit propels Jesus into the wilderness temptations.  Here we find details which should cause us to see Jesus in the big story of God.

It is by faith alone that we accept God’s love. His load will be light enough for us to bear. God writes his word on our hearts and wants us to believe that they are effective. When tempted for 40 days, Jesus was not consumed by the dangers of the wilderness but, rather, he transformed the wild places. He brings cleansing and healing.

The recording is cut short but suffice to say:

“Mark’s action is swift and fast-paced and chockfull of detail for those with eyes to see, because Mark wants us to know: In Christ a whole new world had dawned.”