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Hope Into Action


Guest Speaker Ed Walker of Hope in Action shares about the organisation which provides homes for the homeless through the local church.

The Light of the World


Gerald draws our attention to three things we can learn about God from John 1:1-14 – God is life, light and love.  In the second part of his talk he draws our attention to the fact that God is looking. With the illustration of Holman Hunt’s The Light of the World  he encourages the listener […]

Behold the Lamb


Jesus has already won the victory on the cross, which is the game-changer even before Christ comes again. There are so many pressures and problems in the world right now, but we have the assurance that our incomparable and majestic God is with us.

Mark propels is into the mission of Jesus


Mark 1: 4-13  On this first Sunday of Epiphany, the gospel writer propels us into the story of Jesus not unlike the way in which we read of the Holy Spirit propels Jesus into the wilderness temptations.  Here we find details which should cause us to see Jesus in the big story of God. It […]

Confidence in a Complex World 5.


Confidence in our witness to the Lord Jesus.  1 Peter 3:13-4:6 Simon Phipps shares his own story of coming to faith from a dairy farm in Dorset to a factory in West Yorkshire. He speaks about the power of story, the need to be prepared to share our own and the importance of prayer.

Confidence in a Complex World 1.


Confidence in the Gospel 1 Peter 1:1 – 2:3 This first talk sets the context of Peter’s writing, introduces Peter and sets out the consequences of a new birth in Christ.  Far from a life that is plain-sailing, the Christian life will lead to suffering.  Corrie Ten Boom was quoted as saying, “If God sends […]

Cultivating Faithfulness 2

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In the first of ‘Cultivating Faithfulness’ the analogy of breathing was used as a way to contemplate our life in Christ. Breathing in God’s word and living out the life it gives. If faithfulness is to hear and obey God’s word, what does this look like? This second in the series develops this with the […]

Knowing God thro’ OT Prayer 5

Learning more about the God of heaven and earth, the God of the space and time, through the prayers of his faithful people and receiving the love and grace that is now ours in Christ Jesus. In Psalm 51 we find, through King David’s prayer, God who justifies.  To grasp what’s going on its helps […]

Bold witnesses

Peter and Rosie Cunliffe each speak from Acts 4:1-22 about the boldness of Peter’s witness and the work of the Holy Spirit, and the importance of the ‘Cornerstone’.  This recording gives a taster of ‘Church at Home’ and includes the full reading from Acts 4. Songs, interviews and prayers are not included.

Acting in Jesus’ Name


An audio recording of the Zoom service on Sunday 10th May including the welcome, reading of Scripture, talks and prayers. Rosie considers Luke’s account of Peter and John joining in daily prayer at the Temple (Acts 3:1-23) and their encounter with a lame beggar and directs us from the text to four principles in the […]