Talks by Liz Pinnock

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I John – Word of Life


Living in Christ. Liz starts our terms’ series in 1 John beginning with the important dimension of fellowship that Believers are to have with one another.

God’s Glory Shared 2.


The readings before this talk were Romans 3:9-12, 17-26 and Matthew 22:34-40. Lis uses a personal example  of how she experienced undeserved grace in a number of ways last week.  Key to our restoration (salvation) is an acknowledgement of our personal sin and of the unmerited grace  that God offers us in Jesus.

2nd of Advent


Liz speaks from Isaiah 11:1-10, Matthew 17:10-13 and the impact of an encounter on the streets of Cambridge about what equality looks like, prophetic voices and the hope of a new king.

Struggle: asking God’s help


The text for Liz Pinnock’s sermon were: James 5:13-18 and John 14:5-14  This is the eighth in a series on prayer. Supplication – a cry for help, for yourself, for others and for the world.  Balancing the purpose of petitionary prayer -your kingdom come’ and to align our hearts with God – ‘your will be […]