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The Fellowship of the Believers

On his 5th Sunday of Easter Peter & Rosie Cunliffe speak from Acts 2:42-47 to the church gathered on Zoom.  You will also hear the prayers led by Sue Henderson and Janet Stewart using the words of well known hymns to reflect feelings of many during the current pandemic.

‘Trusting God’ Introducing Nehemiah


Introduction to new sermon series ‘Trusting God’ in the story of Nehemiah.  Setting the context from Ezra and Jeremiah.  Reading from Ezra 1:1-8 and suggesting that reading or listening to both books Ezra and Nehemiah would be helpful to seeing the whole picture from which we seek to learn what God would say to us […]

Awe: praising the Lord, part 2


Praise refers to ur positive responses to the revelation of God’s person that he has given in nature and Scripture; thanksgiving is praising God for what he has done; the two are intimately connected. Psalm 136:1-9, 26; Psalm 145.