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Frontline Sunday 5


In this last of the series of Frontline Sundays we read from Hebrews 10:19-25.  Motivating one another and gathering together was all the more poignant on the Sunday before a second ‘lockdown’ was to begin.  Allen Foster reviewed the series reminding us that we are God’s elect, scattered and exiled.  We hold hope together with […]

Knowing God thro’ OT Prayer 7


Learning more about the God of heaven and earth, the God of the space and time, through the prayers of his faithful people and receiving the love and grace that is now ours in Christ Jesus. The prayer of Elijah in 1 Kings 18:19-40 is explored by Jan to teach us how we might pray. […]

3. ‘A Radical Faith’ Nehemiah


Peter explores the first three verses of the book of Nehemiah chapter 2 in which the king notices Nehemiah’s countenance and he takes the risky step of explaining the sadness of his heart.

Love the Lord your God


Sid Bridges explores Deuteronomy 6:4-16 after being asked to speak on the passage 15 years previously when first coming to St James as the Youth Minister.  The story of the Children of Israel briefly is mapped and the question asked, “What happened in Massah?” When God seems absent how do we respond?  When we doubt […]

All that Jesus said and did – Matthew 21:12-17


Coming  immediately after Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem we hear his welcome of the least and the outcast, are reminded that the Temple was the place of God’s indwelling, and that its rightful purpose was being abused.  As temples of God’s Holy Spirit the Believer is reminded that blessing comes when we use our bodies […]

All that Jesus said and did – Matthew 14:22-36


As we continue to read carefully through Matthew’s gospel, looking at all that Jesus said and did, we are taking note of who Jesus is, his character and the actions that flow from that. We note too that Jesus is teaching disciples; disciples who will continue to demonstrate that the kingdom of God is among us until that day when Jesus returns.