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The Light of the World


Gerald draws our attention to three things we can learn about God from John 1:1-14 – God is life, light and love.  In the second part of his talk he draws our attention to the fact that God is looking. With the illustration of Holman Hunt’s The Light of the World  he encourages the listener […]

Knowing God thro’ OT Prayer


This is a broad brush over the prayers of individuals in the Old Testament – patriarchs, prophets, kings, and ordinary men and women from whom we can learn about how to approach God in prayer and about God’s character.  The text, Matthew 6:9-13,  draws us towards the New Covenant with Jesus standing on the threshold […]

1. ‘A dislocated heart’ Nehemiah


At Breakfast Church Tim opens the first session of the new series in Nehemiah (1:1-4). “Our new sermon series this term focuses on learning from the book of Nehemiah. Last week Peter kicked things off by placing Nehemiah in the context of the events in the book of Ezra. It’s about us learning more about […]

‘Trusting God’ Introducing Nehemiah


Introduction to new sermon series ‘Trusting God’ in the story of Nehemiah.  Setting the context from Ezra and Jeremiah.  Reading from Ezra 1:1-8 and suggesting that reading or listening to both books Ezra and Nehemiah would be helpful to seeing the whole picture from which we seek to learn what God would say to us […]