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Advent Sunday


Jeremiah 33:14-16 and Luke 21:25-36 Lectionary Readings for Advent Sunday. A few thoughts about the choice of readings for Advent Sunday and Advent.

7. The kingdom of God is jubilee


Reading from Luke 4:17-19 How Leviticus defines jubilee and what this means in ‘kingdom’ terms. While the Hebrew people rested on the seventh day, and rested their land on the seventh year, there is no evidence that they ever kept the ‘Year of Jubilee’ every 50 years.  Jubilee was for the cancellation of debt, freeing […]

6. The kingdom of God is a treasure

A live recording was not made on this Sunday so this is a precise of the talk. Reading from Matthew 13:44-46 – the kingdom of God has to be searched for; is made known by revelation; and is worth giving up everything to obtain.

4. The kingdom of God is present and future


Reading from Matthew 13:31-33 and Mark 1:14-15. Jesus told people that the kingdom of God was working in the present while waiting to be fulfilled.  He spoke about a small mustard seed that would grow into a large tree and a woman needing leaven into bread.  The kingdom may be concealed from the eye, impossible […]

5. The Kingdom of God is judgement


Luke 19:11-27 The kingdom of God comes with an announcement of judgement.  Luke includes the story of a master who goes away to be made king and who returns to inaugurate his kingdom.  it works as a counter to the unexpected way in which Jesus demonstrates his kingship.

3. The Kingdom of God is an invitation


This is the third talk in a series about the Kingdom Of God and how Jesus describes how it is open to all who would come. The Great Banquet Luke 14:15-24 Jesus tells the story of a great banquet and how all the invitees turn down their invitations, but how, nevertheless, the banquet will go […]

2. The kingdom of God is a gift


Reading from Matthew 20:1-16 the parable of the vineyard workers. Jesus want to tell people that the kingdom of God is a gift.  In this parable all the men, no matter when they started work, were given a full day’s pay.  The kingdom is something God freely gives, not something we can earn- Luke 12:32.

What is the Kingdom of God?


    Introduction The coming of the kingdom of God was Jesus’ central message.  Everything else in the gospels is a way of illustrating what that means. Nature: righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit (Romans 14:17) Context: God’s reign and his rule (Believers are to be subjects of God’s kingdom). Expresion: values counter to the […]

    New Covenant


    Reading from Jeremiah 3:31-36 and referring Hebrews 10. The New Covenant makes possible the restoration of God’s family and the healing of broken relationships.

    Hope Into Action


    Guest Speaker Ed Walker of Hope in Action shares about the organisation which provides homes for the homeless through the local church.