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8.45 for 9 am Breakfast Church

Breakfast Church meets on the third Sunday of the month.  This is an interactive multi-media event for all ages concluding with a message and sung worship by 10 am. Please check the Home Page for ‘Next Sunday’. There may be no Breakfast Church during July and August.

9 am Common Worship

There is no service on the 3rd Sunday of the month.  Please do join the service at 9.30am in St Margaret’s Hemingford Abbots on the 3rd Sunday of the month as an alternative to Breakfast Church.

Common Worship services of Holy Communion and Morning Prayer with hymns to organ accompaniment, or a musical ensemble once a month.  The preaching follows the sermon series and is followed up by study in the church’s Small Groups.

These services will include Mission Partner updates; when Mission Partners are at home or being sent out, time will be taken to commission them.  On these Sundays the liturgy may be abbreviated or omitted so that the service concludes by 10.15 at the latest.

Children are welcome, though most families attend the later service.

Personal prayer ministry is available at the communion rail or after the service on request.
Coffee is served after the service on the 2nd Sunday of each month.
The congregational pastors are Judy West and Rosie Cunliffe.

11 am Whole Church Worship

There is no 11am on the 3rd Sunday of the month

Morning Worship has a freer liturgical framework with singing of familiar hymns and contemporary worship songs led by a worship band.  The first service each month includes Holy Communion for everyone.  The teaching follows the series set for the term and is followed up by study in the church’s Small Groups.

Junior Church meets on the 2nd and 4th Sundays.  If you have young children they are welcome to join us at the Parish Centre from 10:45am for their own program. The children will then be brought back to church before the end of the service.  There is a parent-managed crèche in the church.

Sunday Morning Youth meet on the 2nd and 4th Sundays.  The youth meet just round the corner from the church at 6 Church Lane at 11am for their own program. The young people come back into church towards the end of the service. Those young people aged 15+ remain for the whole service.

This is often a BSL Sign Supported Service.  There is opportunity for personal prayer ministry at the service. This is not counselling but brief prayer to bless what God is doing in the lives of individuals.

Coffee and squash served after every service. When children and young people will return to the church with their group leaders

The congregational pastors are Steve Moller and Rosie Cunliffe.

11am Summer Services

These are family friendly services of 45 minutes, certainly we aim to be finished before 12 noon.  Check out our sermon series to see what the topic for this year is.

Sign Supported Services

For further information about signed supported services at St James please contact Jan Smith or Cambs Deaf Church.

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