Morning sermon series: Living in Christ.

Sunday First John Title
Sept 1st 1:1-4 2:12-14 Word of Life
18th 1:5-7 2:7-12 Walking in the Light
15th Breakfast Church
22nd 1:8-2:6 Confessing our sin
29th Giving Sunday and Harvest
Oct 6th 2:15-17 Do not love the world
13th 3:1-3 Children of God now
20th Breakfast Church
27th 3:4-10 Do not be deceived
Nov 3rd 4:16 Test the spirits
10th Remembrance Sunday
17th Breakfast Church
24th 4:7-12 Love is of God
Dec 1st 4:13-21 Giving witness and love
8th 5:1-12 Faith in the Son of God
15th Breakfast Church
22nd Rom 1:1-7 Matt 1:18-25 4th of Advent
29th Heb 2:10-18 Matt 2:13-23. 1st of Christmas