Morning sermon series

9 & 11am January to March:

Continuing ‘All that Jesus said and did’ – from Matthew’s Gospel.

Sunday Matthew Title
Jan 7th 2:1-12 Epiphany
14th 20:17-19 Suffering for the Kingdom
21st Breakfast Church (from 8.30am)
28h 20:20-28 The reign of a suffering servant
Feb 4th 20:29-34 The persistent prayer
11th 21:12-17 The Judgement on the Establishment
18th Breakfast Church (from 8.30am)
25th 21:18-22 Faith to accomplish the impossible
Mar 4th 21:23-32 Jesus’ authority questioned
11th 21:33-45 Rejected stones
18th Breakfast Church (from 8.30am)
25th 21:1-11 Palm Sunday