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Nomination Form PCC Membership

Registered charity No. 1132817
PCC Minutes are available to those on the Church Electoral Roll after they have been approved at the following meeting of the PCC.

Ex-officio members


Elected members

Churchwardens (2 – elected annually)

Mike Pinnock
Ian Sinkinson

Deanery Synod Representatives (4 – elected every three years)
Nomination form for Deanery Synod

Ian Sinkinson
Alison Craven

Elected PCC Members (12) One third elected every year

Tim Drye
Mark Enzer
Allen Foster
Steve Moller
Ranjini Mathew
Liz Pinnock
Stephen Terrell
Stan Trencher

Edward Nevill

Co-opted Members
Ben Pearson
Edward Nevill
Honorary Secretary
Rachel Winton


Annual Parochial Church Meeting Sunday 14th May 2023 (Following the 10am service)

Read our year in review here:

Minutes of the APCM are available, on request, to members of the Church Electoral Roll.  Application to join the electoral roll is here.

Documents all PCC Members should read

Procedures and Policies