At St James we take seriously our responsibility to provide safe environments for everyone. The care and protection of children, young people and adults involved in Church activities is the responsibility of everyone who participates in the life of the Church. 

St James Church approved the safeguarding Policy at the PCC meeting held on 4th January 2023. This document can be found here.

We have adopted the House of Bishops “promoting a safer church safeguarding policy statement which can be found within the Diocese safeguarding handbook. There is a link at the bottom of this page

Safeguarding in the Parish of Hemingford Grey – who’s who?

The Incumbent (Vacant)

Youth & Children’s Minister
Ben Pearson                                                                              07483132329

The Churchwardens
Mike Pinnock                                                                              01487 841080

The Parish Safeguarding Officer
Heather Chambers    

Heather can be contacted on 01480 830707 or by email on:
If you have a concern relating to safeguarding, please feel free to contact Heather. This could be a concern about somebody else or about something which has affected you personally.       

The team of licensed/accredited ministers
Mr G Barrett, Mrs J Hall, Mrs E Pinnock, Mr T Weatherfield

Parish Administrator & Office Staff
Rachel Winton (Parish Administrator)                                01480 467250

Who will you talk to if you observe or are told about Safeguarding concerns?
1. Parish Safeguarding Officer
2. The Vicar
3. The Youth, Children’s & Families Minister
4. A Churchwarden

Contact outside the Parish:
Safeguarding Duty Messaging Service: 01353 652747

Please leave a message with your name, telephone number and a brief explanation of the reason for your call. The team member on duty will be alerted to your message and will call you back to discuss your safeguarding referral offering professional advice and support and together with you agree a plan to manage the next steps.

Diocese of Ely Safeguarding Team
More information and contact details for reporting a safeguarding concern can be found on the Diocese of Ely website here

For more information click here: Promoting a safer church.

For more details please find the Parish Safeguarding handbook:

Diocese Safeguarding Handbook