What is the Reverend Don Brown Memorial Fund?

 The Reverend Don Brown Memorial Fund was set up in July 2001 in memory of the Reverend Brown who was Vicar of St James’ Church Hemingford Grey from July 1955 to 1977. The memorial fund was created when a bequest from Don Brown was given to the church on his death.

Don Brown’s teaching regarding finance was that for every need we should go to the Lord in prayer. His guidance, influence and teaching still have an effect on St James’ attitude to finance today. An extract from his memoirs says “we should look only to the Lord for all provision when carrying out His work, and that we should seek His will before embarking on anything which involved a considerable outlay.”

The money in the fund is operated as a Restricted Fund within the church accounts of St James’.

What is the purpose of the fund?  

  • To encourage and equip members of St James’ Church of all ages in active Christian ministry and mission by providing financial assistance where needed, e.g. attending conferences or study programmes.
    Mission is both within the local context and more widely, e.g. TFM walks or short term overseas teams.
  • To assist and develop potential candidates for full time Christian ministry both lay and ordained, e.g. to help with the provision of books when undertaking ALM, LLM or other theological training.
  • To develop the ministry of young people through courses, projects, placements and conferences.  Young people should discuss their ideas with the Youth Minister.

Who looks after the fund

  • A sub committee of the PCC manages applications for grants and will authorise payments from the fund that meet its purpose.
  • Each year the benefit of the interest earned from the fund is made available to extend the work of our adult, families and youth ministries.
  • By allocating the interest in this way the sub committee feels that it is fulfilling the requirements of the Memorial Fund’s aims.
  • Grants are more likely to be awarded to those applicants whose projects and less likely to proceed without the support of the Don Brown Fund

Can the fund grow?

We would encourage members of the congregation to prayerfully consider adding to the Don Brown Memorial Fund in the future or at anytime. By increasing the amount of money held in the fund the church will be able to go on

  • encouraging
  • equipping
  • training and developing members of our church family for ministry both within St James’ and beyond.

If you would like to talk about funding with one of the committee please email and your request will be passed on.

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