Modern Psalms

A Song for the New Normal
Written and spoken by Tim Wetherfield

Morning Prayer

Morning Prayer on Tuesdays and Thursdays on Zoom
Tuesday liturgy here Thursday liturgy here

Night Prayer

Every night at 9pm on Zoom. Order of service here
Night Prayer link here Celtic Night Prayer link here

Monthly Prayer Meeting

Second Wednesday evening 7.30pm on Zoom.
To join the prayer meeting


For the health and welfare of frontline NHS staff dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic.

For a growing awareness of the needs of others and for a readiness to provide support and encouragement where possible.

That we may use the increased amount of free time to develop and enrich our relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Email Prayer Requests

If you have a concern that you would like to share in confidence with members of the church family who will pray for you then please send your request to Prayer Request

Prayer requests are received in confidence, are not talked about with anyone else and re-directed with only the essential details to the Prayer Request team of pray’ers.

After your request is sent out you will receive the following acknowledgement:

“Members of the PrayerRequest will be praying for you. Your request will remain with each of them for as long as they feel the need to pray for you/the situation for which you have requested prayer.  If and when you are able to offer feedback concerning answered pray, please send this with ‘answered prayer’ in the subject box of your email.”  Thank you

Daily Prayer Apple  or  Android

Morning Prayer

Morning prayer using the Daily Office with time for extemporary prayer is held at 8am on Tuesday and Thursday in St Margaret’s Church. 

Sunday Intercessions

Are usually led by a member of the congregation.

Prayer for Mission Partners

TearFund Prayer Resources

Most weeks we have Mission Partners join us on Zoom when updates are given and prayers offered.