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5. The Kingdom of God is judgement


Luke 19:11-27 The kingdom of God comes with an announcement of judgement.  Luke includes the story of a master who goes away to be made king and who returns to inaugurate his kingdom.  it works as a counter to the unexpected way in which Jesus demonstrates his kingship.

Who is Jesus?


The introductory reading to this talk is Mark 1:9-15.  The urgency in Mark’s gospel in indicated by his use of the word ‘immediately’ – some forty times. Simon Phipps explores the ‘grand plan’ of Mark’s gospel and the question Mark is answering: Who is Jesus?  In our desire to be a disciple-making church Simon focuses […]

Confidence in a Complex World 5.


Confidence in our witness to the Lord Jesus.  1 Peter 3:13-4:6 Simon Phipps shares his own story of coming to faith from a dairy farm in Dorset to a factory in West Yorkshire. He speaks about the power of story, the need to be prepared to share our own and the importance of prayer.