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Messages in Mark’s Gospel – 5. A paralysed man


Mark 2:1-12  Mark speaks about the authority of Jesus to forgive sins demonstrated in the healing of a paralysed man.  In this Jesus declares his divinity – that he is the Son of God and has such authority.  Here too Jesus shows his ability to look into the human heart.  When God reigns in our […]

Palm Sunday Expectations


Mark considers the different exceptions of those in Jerusalem and the geographical context of the familiar triumphal procession.  He asks: What brings peace? and What is peace?  The text is from Luke 19:28-40

Where is the Lamb?


Mark takes the passage from Luke 2:22-40 and shows insights into the big story of God, connections between the Old and the New Covenants, the sacrificial lambs of Hebraic worship, Mary and Joseph’s poverty seen through the sacrifice they offer as they bring Jesus to the Temple, the wonder of Simeon and Anna’s faithful waiting […]

7. ‘When opposition comes’ Nehemiah


After recapping the series – a journey in ‘trusting God’ in the face of opposition, Mark Enzer speaks from Nehemiah 4:1-6 about the inevitability of opposition when doing God’s business. Here the focus is on prayer followed by practical action,  it’s a both and. Prayer did not make the enemy go away – the enemy […]