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6. Alive in Christ


Dipping our toes into Romans. Romans 6:1-14 The Christian life is not a competition in which, in our own effort, we strive to attain a standard.  Grace is the undeserved privilege of being made right with God. Paul re-echoes these truths here in Romans 6, that we are made alive in Christ.  His basic message to […]

4. Righteousness through faith


Righteousness has always ben the gift of God through faith: Abram, David,Peter and Paul are mentioned as examples.  When repentance is expressed God in his mercy operated through grace and grants forgiveness and a new status in exchange. Romans 3:21- 4:8

3. The Kingdom of God is an invitation


This is the third talk in a series about the Kingdom Of God and how Jesus describes how it is open to all who would come. The Great Banquet Luke 14:15-24 Jesus tells the story of a great banquet and how all the invitees turn down their invitations, but how, nevertheless, the banquet will go […]

2. The kingdom of God is a gift


Reading from Matthew 20:1-16 the parable of the vineyard workers. Jesus want to tell people that the kingdom of God is a gift.  In this parable all the men, no matter when they started work, were given a full day’s pay.  The kingdom is something God freely gives, not something we can earn- Luke 12:32.

Mark propels is into the mission of Jesus


Mark 1: 4-13  On this first Sunday of Epiphany, the gospel writer propels us into the story of Jesus not unlike the way in which we read of the Holy Spirit propels Jesus into the wilderness temptations.  Here we find details which should cause us to see Jesus in the big story of God. It […]