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1 Timothy 2:1-7


Recorded on the Sunday following the death of her late majesty Queen Elizabeth II.  Tim also reflects on this penultimate Sunday before the retirement of Rev Peter Cunliffe after 20 years in the parish, the time of change we face together with children changing schools leaving home or university and the knowledge that we g=face […]

Messages in Mark’s Gospel – 4. Jesus heals one


Mark 1:40-45  In this fourth in the series, Tim considers the healing of lepers, their social isolation and the reversal in position as Jesus retreats to isolated places.  He considers the differences between the ten lepers healing in Luke’s account and the one in Mark’s, and asks for our reflection on taking Jesus for granted.

7. The Spirit of Life


Dipping our toes in Romans Romans 7:21-8:17 Tim begins with a Gospel reading and then follows with a helpful summary of the series so far, before addressing the passage.

7. The kingdom of God is jubilee


Reading from Luke 4:17-19 How Leviticus defines jubilee and what this means in ‘kingdom’ terms. While the Hebrew people rested on the seventh day, and rested their land on the seventh year, there is no evidence that they ever kept the ‘Year of Jubilee’ every 50 years.  Jubilee was for the cancellation of debt, freeing […]

Behold the Lamb


Jesus has already won the victory on the cross, which is the game-changer even before Christ comes again. There are so many pressures and problems in the world right now, but we have the assurance that our incomparable and majestic God is with us.

Frontline Sundays 1


Tim Wetherfield begins this licc series of Frontline Sundays by recognising how the graphics hold different connotations since the beginning of graphics depicting the spread of the coronavirus! The idea of ‘Frontlines’ also has connotations and these Sundays might be thought of usefully as “Growing-edge Sundays” where we connect as Christians to be encouraged as […]

8. ‘Courage to care’ Nehemiah


Last in our series ‘Trusting God’ from the book of Nehemiah.  The message from Nehemiah is far more than rebuilding a wall but about restoring a relationship with God and between people.  Deuteronomy 15 – there should be no poor among you. Three ways to remember lessons from Nehemiah Prayer Care Share 200315 March 2020 […]

5. ‘A personal commitment’ Nehemiah


Readings from Nehemiah 2:9-16 and John 21:15-17. Tim recapped the story and lessons learned from Nehemiah previously and  looked at five features of Nehemiah’s commitment: hopeful, boldness, preparedness, interdependence and focus.  He drew out features of the story mirrored in the Gospel story.

1. ‘A dislocated heart’ Nehemiah


At Breakfast Church Tim opens the first session of the new series in Nehemiah (1:1-4). “Our new sermon series this term focuses on learning from the book of Nehemiah. Last week Peter kicked things off by placing Nehemiah in the context of the events in the book of Ezra. It’s about us learning more about […]