An audio recording of the Zoom service on Sunday 10th May including the welcome, reading of Scripture, talks and prayers.

Rosie considers Luke’s account of Peter and John joining in daily prayer at the Temple (Acts 3:1-23) and their encounter with a lame beggar and directs us from the text to four principles in the Christian life:

Establish a rhythm of worship and prayer in your life
Engage with the world around you, especially those who feel they are broken inside
Enable blessings in the lives of others as you can
Exercise your faith to God’s glory

Peter summarises later in the service with five examples for us today:
The routine of daily prayer; being prepared to be waylaid; offer the only thing you have when you have nothing, in the name of Jesus; seizing every opportunity to speak of Christ; and acting in faith in Jesus’ Name.

He points to the choice of the crowd to repent of their sins and turn to God, and the consequence of refreshment from the presence of teh Lord.

Finally, the quote from Moses is a reminder that Jesus the Prophet sit sat the hinge of history, an dthe consequence of not listening noor acting is to be completely cut off from God’s people.