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12. Messages from Mark


Mark 8:1-21 What hardens our hearts and stops us seeing Jesus?  What about our relationship with Jesus and our tendency to fall back on the way we used to do things? When we see the goodness of God in our lives why do we so easily take control back into our own hands? Standing on God’s […]

Advent Sunday


Jeremiah 33:14-16 and Luke 21:25-36 Lectionary Readings for Advent Sunday. A few thoughts about the choice of readings for Advent Sunday and Advent.

4. The kingdom of God is present and future


Reading from Matthew 13:31-33 and Mark 1:14-15. Jesus told people that the kingdom of God was working in the present while waiting to be fulfilled.  He spoke about a small mustard seed that would grow into a large tree and a woman needing leaven into bread.  The kingdom may be concealed from the eye, impossible […]

What is the Kingdom of God?


Introduction The coming of the kingdom of God was Jesus’ central message.  Everything else in the gospels is a way of illustrating what that means. Nature: righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit (Romans 14:17) Context: God’s reign and his rule (Believers are to be subjects of God’s kingdom). Expresion: values counter to the […]

Frontline Sunday 4

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The fourth in the series of Frontline Sundays takes our significance from our identity as God’s children.  In Matthew 6:5-14 Jesus teaches his disciples to pray. Whoever we are – however insignificant we feel – we make all the difference in te world because we are on our frontlines as sons and daughters of God […]

Frontline Sundays 2

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In this second of the series Peter & Rosie talk about meeting God wherever we are in the ordinary places of our day today lives.  The biblical text is Genesis 28:10-22.  In Jacob’s encounter with God in the ordinary stop-over place, which he renames Bethel, God meets Jacob and leaves him with three promises. Read […]

Cultivating Faithfulness 3


Regrettably the first part of this talk is unavailable due to the poor quality of the recording.  The notes of the talk can be found here.  In the second half Rosie addresses the reality and paradoxes of experience in living by faith and our need to encourage one another.

Cultivating Faithfulness 2

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In the first of ‘Cultivating Faithfulness’ the analogy of breathing was used as a way to contemplate our life in Christ. Breathing in God’s word and living out the life it gives. If faithfulness is to hear and obey God’s word, what does this look like? This second in the series develops this with the […]