Luke 24:13-35.  Peter’s challenge is to hear the Bible story with more questions—not just ones that question the facts, more the kind that ask, “How does this relate to me?” “What can I learn from this story today?” “What is God saying to me?”

As these bewildered Disciples start home for Emmaus they are deep in conversation not only about the previous 48 hours but probably the last three years. Their hopes and dreams, however misguided, squashed.

After what was the most incredible weekend in all history I’m sure there were lots of questions —the crucifixion, the eclipse of the sun, the earthquake, people rising from their graves and the tearing of the Temple curtain…

Do you identify with their lack of insight, or your own journey of faith? Perhaps sometimes you feel disappointed with your own inability to grasp what others seem to speak so fluently about; that you seem to have got nowhere at all in grasping the big story about God. Take heart. Faith requires you to hold without full understanding, to place your trust in the sovereign purposes of God and to receive Jesus personally as risen Lord and Saviour.