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Hope Into Action


Guest Speaker Ed Walker of Hope in Action shares about the organisation which provides homes for the homeless through the local church.

Wedding at Cana


In the first part Jan Smith takes a narrative approach to the gospel reading for today: John 2:1-11 , telling the story as a “friend of Mary” and, in the second, considers how we often approach God in prayer with an “action list” for him.  

Covenant Keeping God


James Lawrence of CPAS speaks from Matthew 5:13-16 about the properties of salt and light as analogies of our life in Christ but adds the image of salt as representative in  the Old Testament of the ‘Covenant keeping God’ (25 November 2018).

All that Jesus said and did – Matthew 22:15-22


In this encounter of Jesus, with the Pharisees in Matthew 22, he is questioned about taxes.  In response Jesus points out that there is the Kingdom of this world and the kingdom of God.  As Christians we have a dual citizenship characterised by duty to the one a devotion to the other. Jan points out […]

All that Jesus said and did – Matthew 22:1-14


Allen sets the context for Jesus’ parable(s) of the wedding banquet exploring the meaning of the parable and asking questions from the congregation (some of these are hard to hear but Allen’s replies make clear their questions.  He draws us to understand that all are invited bad and good, that the wedding dress of ‘righteousness’ […]

All that Jesus said and did – Matthew 21:18-27


Peter speaks about the integrity of the text and the significance of Jesus words and actions when seen in the context of the Old Testament’s prophetic expectations.  The effect of slicing the text into paragraphs and verses with interpolated paragraph headings often distracts from the bigger story.  Here faith and doubt are juxtaposed in a […]