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Blessings and Woes

In Luke’s record of Jesus’s “sermon on the plain” he contrasts blessing and sorrow, two contrasting expressions of life experience.  Is this a word for the church today as it was for the ‘People of God’ that Jesus addressed face to face? Today’s mantra “with man all things are possible” leans toward heaven-on-earth by our […]

Conversing with God


Third in our series on prayer. Readings were from Psalm 86:1-17 and Colossians 3:1-4 Peter speaks about prayers as like answering speech and our need to respond first to what God has spoken.  To familiarise ourselves with prayer as answering speech we need to immerse ourselves in the God speech as we find it expressed in the […]

Advent Sunday


Peter Cunliffe speaks from the lectionary texts of Advent Sunday about having confidence in God’s word and so not fearing the news because the ‘Good News’ which is the gospel is of new creation and Christ’s return as king.

Don’t be afraid


Jesus doesn’t say, Being a disciple will be easy, or undemanding, but what he does say is that he will equip and be with us, he will give us all we need. The call to discipleship is the call to be like Christ, including being treated like Christ. So we need to hear Jesus saying to us “Don’t be afraid.”