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Knowing God Thro’ OT Prayer 2

Jacob’s life of struggle and his encounter with God at Peniel is the subject for learning about prayer from Genesis 32:22-31.  Rosie begins by telling Jacob’s story from birth up until the time of the night wrestling with God.  Peter focuses on the answering prayer of God and Jacob being alone and without possession son […]

Knowing God Thro’ OT Prayer

Prayer and the character of God; this is the first in a series ‘Knowing God through Old Testament prayers‘. Beginning with Abraham’s encounter with God at Mamre in Genesis 18:16-33. The talk is in two parts, the first setting the scene beginning to explore the text and further developed in the second. Here we learn […]

Bold witnesses

Peter and Rosie Cunliffe each speak from Acts 4:1-22 about the boldness of Peter’s witness and the work of the Holy Spirit, and the importance of the ‘Cornerstone’.  This recording gives a taster of ‘Church at Home’ and includes the full reading from Acts 4. Songs, interviews and prayers are not included.

Acting in Jesus’ Name


An audio recording of the Zoom service on Sunday 10th May including the welcome, reading of Scripture, talks and prayers. Rosie considers Luke’s account of Peter and John joining in daily prayer at the Temple (Acts 3:1-23) and their encounter with a lame beggar and directs us from the text to four principles in the […]

Clay Pots

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Zoom Church A recording of part of our first ‘Zoom’ gathering with members of St Margaret’s and St James’ congregation. We read from 2 Corinthians 4:5b-18.  With Rosie and Peter reflecting on the Scripture. Interview with the Latimer family in the first week of lockdown.

2. ‘A broken spirit’ Nehemiah


Briefly setting the context of the story of Nehemiah, Rosie Cunliffe speaks about Nehemiah’s attitude to prayer, how he prays and his expectations about God. Before all else Nehemiah is committed to pray. Nehemiah 1:5-11.

1 John 2 – do not love the world


The recording starts in the middle of a scene setting illustration about the naivety of trading unwisely what is of true value for that which is attractive to the eyes but worthless. In  1 John 2:15-17 John ‘sits down’ to engage his reader in where they place their love.

Abraham and God’s Covenant


Genesis 15 Rosie recaps the journey of Abram from Ur to Haran, and on to Egypt. Leaving Egypt Abram meets with God who cuts a one-sided extraordinary covenant which culminates in the sacrifice of God in our stead.

The Life of a Disciple


In this last in the series ‘the Life of a Disciple’, Rosie sums up some of the areas which have been considered through the series and looks at what it means to be real, authentic disciples of Christ.  She illustrates this using the story from Luke 13:10-13 of a woman ‘crippled’ for 18 years.