Talks by Rosie Cunliffe

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Abraham and God’s Covenant


Genesis 15 Rosie recaps the journey of Abram from Ur to Haran, and on to Egypt. Leaving Egypt Abram meets with God who cuts a one-sided extraordinary covenant which culminates in the sacrifice of God in our stead.

The Life of a Disciple


In this last in the series ‘the Life of a Disciple’, Rosie sums up some of the areas which have been considered through the series and looks at what it means to be real, authentic disciples of Christ.  She illustrates this using the story from Luke 13:10-13 of a woman ‘crippled’ for 18 years.

Praying for ourselves


Fourth in a series on prayer. The following we read Matthew 6:5-14 and Psalm 25 Rosie spoke about the praying for ourselves highlighted by seven ‘keys’. Listen for more . . .



Rosemary Cunliffe completes our series on the Basis of Faith adopted by St James’ by speaking of heaven from Revelation 21 and the city of God but beginning with Genesis 1 taking us from creation to new creation.

Instructions for mission


A continuation of our ongoing series in Matthew of all that Jesus said and did.  Rosie Cunliffe speaks about text in Matthew 10:1-16.  God does not call the equipped, he equips the called.