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7. The Spirit of Life


Dipping our toes in Romans Romans 7:21-8:17 Tim begins with a Gospel reading and then follows with a helpful summary of the series so far, before addressing the passage.

6. Alive in Christ


Dipping our toes into Romans. Romans 6:1-14 The Christian life is not a competition in which, in our own effort, we strive to attain a standard.  Grace is the undeserved privilege of being made right with God. Paul re-echoes these truths here in Romans 6, that we are made alive in Christ.  His basic message to […]

5. Fruits of Righteousness


Dipping our toes into Romans.  Romans 5:1-11 The place of undeserved privilege is the position in which we stand when we are ‘in Christ’.  This passage can be seen as looking at the past, the present and the future.  In the past we are declared “not guilty” in Christ; in the present we are continually being […]

4. Righteousness through faith


Righteousness has always ben the gift of God through faith: Abram, David,Peter and Paul are mentioned as examples.  When repentance is expressed God in his mercy operated through grace and grants forgiveness and a new status in exchange. Romans 3:21- 4:8

3. Righteousness Credited

Dipping our toes into Romans Romans 3:21-26  John 3:1-15, Righteousness credited Do wrong things matter? Yes, God pronounces us guilty! Jesus is the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. Accept his sacrifice for you and God pronounces you righteous!

1. Righteousness from God

Dipping our toes in Romans.  The Gospel Truth. Righteousness from God. Romans 1:1-17  Archdeacon Hugh introduces the New Year sermon series in the Book of Romans.