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Who is Jesus?


The introductory reading to this talk is Mark 1:9-15.  The urgency in Mark’s gospel in indicated by his use of the word ‘immediately’ – some forty times. Simon Phipps explores the ‘grand plan’ of Mark’s gospel and the question Mark is answering: Who is Jesus?  In our desire to be a disciple-making church Simon focuses […]

The Light of the World


Gerald draws our attention to three things we can learn about God from John 1:1-14 – God is life, light and love.  In the second part of his talk he draws our attention to the fact that God is looking. With the illustration of Holman Hunt’s The Light of the World  he encourages the listener […]

Where is the Lamb?


Mark takes the passage from Luke 2:22-40 and shows insights into the big story of God, connections between the Old and the New Covenants, the sacrificial lambs of Hebraic worship, Mary and Joseph’s poverty seen through the sacrifice they offer as they bring Jesus to the Temple, the wonder of Simeon and Anna’s faithful waiting […]

Behold the Lamb


Jesus has already won the victory on the cross, which is the game-changer even before Christ comes again. There are so many pressures and problems in the world right now, but we have the assurance that our incomparable and majestic God is with us.

Confidence in a Complex World 1.


Confidence in the Gospel 1 Peter 1:1 – 2:3 This first talk sets the context of Peter’s writing, introduces Peter and sets out the consequences of a new birth in Christ.  Far from a life that is plain-sailing, the Christian life will lead to suffering.  Corrie Ten Boom was quoted as saying, “If God sends […]

Frontline Sunday 5


In this last of the series of Frontline Sundays we read from Hebrews 10:19-25.  Motivating one another and gathering together was all the more poignant on the Sunday before a second ‘lockdown’ was to begin.  Allen Foster reviewed the series reminding us that we are God’s elect, scattered and exiled.  We hold hope together with […]

Frontline Sunday 4

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The fourth in the series of Frontline Sundays takes our significance from our identity as God’s children.  In Matthew 6:5-14 Jesus teaches his disciples to pray. Whoever we are – however insignificant we feel – we make all the difference in te world because we are on our frontlines as sons and daughters of God […]

Knowing God thro’ OT Prayer


This is a broad brush over the prayers of individuals in the Old Testament – patriarchs, prophets, kings, and ordinary men and women from whom we can learn about how to approach God in prayer and about God’s character.  The text, Matthew 6:9-13,  draws us towards the New Covenant with Jesus standing on the threshold […]

Psalm 23


The Bishop of Kigali, Nathan Amooti speaks to us from the Diocesan Office in Kigali via a live Zoom link.  Taking Psalm 23 as his text having grown up as a Rwandan herdsman,  Bishop Amooti told the story of his first coming to St James in 1996 as a school teacher, growing up among the […]

Bold witnesses

Peter and Rosie Cunliffe each speak from Acts 4:1-22 about the boldness of Peter’s witness and the work of the Holy Spirit, and the importance of the ‘Cornerstone’.  This recording gives a taster of ‘Church at Home’ and includes the full reading from Acts 4. Songs, interviews and prayers are not included.